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r Sketchum is a 'stage name' ~ sorry to shatter your illusions! ~ my very real (and slightly more plausible) one being Alfie Deliss.

A London-based caricaturist & entertainer for hire, I quickly sketch eye-popping caricatures at corporate events, weddings & parties across the UK.

"Thanks for last night Alfie, everyone thought it was a brilliant idea and Kim was touched to receive such a delightful memento of her ten years with the team at Hilton."

Alexandra Dumoulin, Hilton Group (18/2/15)

I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to introduce creative humour into convivial settings, by provoking thought (the bare minimum) and making people smile.

Guests are intrigued by and quickly twig to what I'm doing, find me funny, participate as playful subjects (good or bad it doesn't matter too much: I have to be fast, but also patient!), fascinated spectators of and of course commentators (never sarcastic) on the likenesses rapidly taking shape, and get to bag uniquely personalised souvenirs, free of charge with the compliments of their hosts.







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"That's the best carac...caractcha I've had...out of all the caractchas I've had!"
Jamie Redknapp (bless him!), Wentworth Golf Club

Based in London, I've crisscrossed the country to & from performances for almost sixteen years. Equipped with handmade-to-measure shoes, a Network Railcard, zero sense of humour and a Thermos™, I'm no stranger to good old county-to-county trekking ~ "It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it!"

Pens'n'paper are all I use, making my act compact & adaptable. I can "mix'n'mingle" during drinks, steer around dining tables (and their waiters), and find spots where guests can take a break away from the mayhem to sit for me for a couple of minutes. I don't need subjects to pose, or do anything particularly different to what they were doing before ~ apart from of course maybe smile.

"Not bad! You should think about doing it for a living!"

Johnny Ball, genial mathematical showman/TV Legend, Grosvenor House

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"Whatever you see through your glasses isn't reality dude."
Anonymous (written in my sketchbook whilst I was away)

If you like I'll pre-print your graphics and/or event details onto all the sheets of paper I use - to distinguish a brand, underline the ethos of a campaign, mark the occasion, or simply to add a personal touch.

Drawn on super-heavy 240gsm A4 ultra-brite velvet laser paper (basically smooth white card), every sketch is presented inside its' own clear splashproof top'n'side-opening folder (basically a decent quality plastic sleeve - not one of those pretty awful "pocket" ones with the punched holes).



"Give her a body like Baywatch ~ and a face like Crimewatch!"

Anonymous (bellowed at me from the other end of the room by a fellow at a Warburtons Bakery event)

I'm there to please, not to punish! I only ever enjoy "correcting" proportions if it helps a drawing, either by intensifying the resemblance or by adding appeal, often by way of a splash of humour.

In any case by default I naturally tend to favour ladies; it's the "blokes" (whose friends gleefully rub their hands & stifle giggles simply at the idea of the sketch) who to the delight of all, can emerge as naturally amusing.


"Everyone loved your "works of art". We were really impressed with the jaw-dropping likenesses, and they made the rounds to howls of laughter. Hilarious!"

Geoff, Brighton

As well as producing good sketches, the task for me is to navigate social milieus whilst fostering 'good vibes'. At events I adjust my approach according to atmosphere, proceedings, and how guests come across.

Blurring a line between realism and farce, my cartoon portraits come in three styles ~ accurate thumbnail sketches, gentle sympathetic parodies (travesties) & eye-watering "Superportraits".

Capturing and emphasising those fleeting expressions and attitudes we know each other so well for, I focus on key traits & create likenesses containing the immediacy and purity of simplicity.

~ Three types of event: ~




My sketches always encourage playful crosstalk (and often giggling fits) which in turn generates a friendly ambiance. Those who hadn't previously connected swap insights and commentary on the drawings while friends will coo at how appealingly they've come out - or mischievously rib one another over who looks more peculiar.

How better to loosen a crowd up & bring it together (sic) than to supply it with a common focus that makes for smiles & laughter? Thinking about it, bringing about such bonhomie is probably the best thing about what I do.

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I capture sides to you and yours that even the most superb wedding photos simply can’t. I fit my time to your schedule ~ I can mix and mingle during pre-dinner drinks, circulate table-to-table amidst the wedding breakfast, and entertain the troops after formalities, when "Knees Up Mother Brown" kicks in, and guests are usually at their most high-spirited and up for it, as they used to say in Manchester.

I tend get booked for weddings more than for any other specific type of event. There's something special about the chemistry between guests when families collide conjoin...and relatives practically always share facial characteristics ~ which of course makes my job easier!

For a tiny bit more about wedding caricatures, please click here


07719 262736





Corporate guests, delegates and the like, tend to dress sharp, act smart and adopt a "businesslike" manner, yet have as good a sense of humour as anyone, and I can promise you, know perfectly well how to enjoy themselves!

As well as being a sketch artist/entertainer, I effectively function as a marketing tool (although I prefer the term device), by helping organisations create events which simultaneously entertain, reflect well on their organisation and generate awareness of what it has to offer.

For a touch more on corporate caricatures, click here ~ CORPORATE


"Hey Alfie, thanks for completing the colour caricature – it looks brilliant and the clients are thrilled with it too! Thanks again, Jess"
Jessica Chant, PepsiCo/Sainsburys/Walkers


"How sweet - and you got my best side!"

Andrew Logan, jewellery sale Chez Andrew


Moonlighting from study at Chelsea College of Art, my first gig as a party & events caricaturist for hire was at a hectic Bachelor & Spinster Ball. Bamboozled by the brouhaha amidst the hellish mêlée of potted Débs and their Delights, dashing and screaming cacophonously from dining table to dining table, I still managed to focus on the drawings, and soon *ahem* my personality shone through.


Now, after over fifteen hundred performances (!), I'm well-versed at the art of avoiding armies of waiters and "working the room" ~ spotting the correct groups, and wandering over to entertain them.

"Find a job you love and you'll never have to work again."

Confucius (551-479 BC)


07719 262736

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~ Fluent French & German Spoken ~



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