After dealing with a great client, I've begun to offer this service again. Please contact me for a quote as every commission is different, depending on colour/b&w, head or full body, themes and so on.  


This Λ from this V:


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This Λ becomes this V


"Alfie exceeded my expectations with the sketches that he drew for me. He was very professional and did them at the last minute. He is friendly and puts your requirements first at all times. I hope to book him for my day!"  Cyanne, London

"Thanks for your hard work! You’ll be pleased to know that’s all for now. They are all displayed on our intranet in the who’s who section. Plus Julia has set up a Crackpot Cabinet on the website. Cheers."  Jayne, Printware Ltd, Portsmouth

"Now that we've both had time to get over the shock of opening your e-mail...... I have to say the caricatures are excellent. 
Would have liked us both to look a tiny bit younger but you can't help nature taking it's course!! Perhaps on the day you could shed a few years (and pounds!!) from your pictures as a little ruby wedding present to us both!!!"  Sarah, Windsor

"Wow!! How hilarious.  Louise and Sheryl you've captured really well.  My
dad reckons that the picture of me is far too good to be me!!  I will be
seeing them all Saturday so I'm just going to get them copied and put in
frames - I will let you know if they are still speaking to me.
Thank you so much for your artwork and will pass on your details if I ever
know of anyone else who wants one done."
  Karen, by email



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